Let me tell you my story!

This week I have decided to tell you my story and how Clear Kidneys began…

My name is Mark Pescatrice and I suffer from kidney stones. In fact, I’ve passed over 30 kidney stones in the past 13 years.

Kidney Stones PainI got my first kidney stones over 13 years ago. I was very active, cycling regularly and eating a healthy diet. One morning I went to work, feeling nauseous. Within half an hour, I was on the floor, in excruciating pain in my side. I somehow found a way to drive home but by then the pain radiated throughout my torso, from my neck to my groin. After a day of this kind of pain, I visited my doctor and he told me that I probably had kidney stones. He gave me narcotic pain killers, told me to drink a lot of water, and referred me to a urologist.

My urologist discovered that I had an 8 mm kidney stone lodged in my kidney and a medullary sponge kidney (MSK) which means that I have an area of my kidney that is like a kidney stone factory.

He informed me that I could look forward to a lifetime of kidney stones and I should never go without health insurance. Then he told me drink a lot of water and gave me a diet that would “help” avoid kidney stones. That’s it! I had a life of pain and tasteless food to look forward to!

Prescription for kidney stonesI avoided the foods I was told, and drank a lot of water. Eventually the stones passed. I did a lot of research on kidney stones and what not to eat. The information was often contradictory, even when coming from reliable sources.

In the end I just avoided the high oxalate foods that were in my diet. Despite all of this, I got another kidney stone. I started tweaking my diet and tried nearly any combination of food, drink and supplement, but nothing worked. And despite all of this effort, I continued to get kidney stones! Changing your diet may postpone your next kidney stone, but it doesn’t prevent them.

In 2004, I was a thousand miles away from home working with a customer and I got yet another kidney stone. I jumped on the Internet and found a ‘special report’ which I paid $30 for. I was told to drink 3 ounces of lemon juice mixed with 3 ounces of olive oil. I am not making this up! It was so disgusting, I could barely swallow it and it made me want to vomit. On top of that it didn’t work.

So I did more research about these ‘special reports’. They are nothing more than common home remedies for kidney stones that are being sold at high prices but that are readily available on the Internet for free if you look hard enough.

Some of them work for some people, to some degree, some do not. Some of them can be toxic or even deadly if improperly used! Do they relieve pain? No, not until the stones are gone. And it doesn’t last long. Trust me, I’m the Human Guinea Pig when it comes to kidney stones.

I had already consigned myself to a life of kidney stones. That is when I met my future mother-in-law, Ingrid. She was Brazilian had suffered many times with kidney stones. She used a home remedy that is common throughout South America, a simple herb that can be found in nearly every drugstore in Brazil: “quebra pedra”, which translates to stone breaker because of its ability to dissolve kidney stones.

I did some research on this and I was able to find some of the dried plant for sale. I ordered a half pound. My next kidney stone came soon enough so I brewed some of this quebra pedra as tea and drank it. It tasted horrible, bitter, and slimy. But, within an hour I was peeing like crazy and within two hours, I was pain free. I had passed the stone, painlessly.*

Kidney Stones Remedy Phyllanthus Niruri TeaThat marked the beginning of Clear Kidneys. The best part about phyllanthus niruri is that it is non-addictive and it has no side effects of any kind.**

I needed to see how well phyllanthus niruri worked, so I decided to go back eating whatever I wanted. For my efforts, I was rewarded with many more kidney stones. I would then brew a gallon of this ‘tea’, drink it for a few days, and the pain would vanish along with the stones. It was amazing how quickly the pain went away and how quickly, easily and pain-free the stones were passing. *

Brewing tea was less than convenient, so I began working with a laboratory, experimenting with various extracts of the plant. In early 2012, we created the most effective extract. Clear Kidneys is ten times more powerful than the raw plant. We tested it, tested it again, and tested it some more, first of all on myself then other people tried it and were amazed at how quickly it worked. It worked even better than we expected. *

I had found the perfect solution for kidney stones! And I wanted to share it with all kidney stones sufferers like me! *

If you think you’re doomed to a life of terrible pain, constant dieting and outrageous bills, think again! Try Clear Kidneys today… Trust me! You won’t regret it! **

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